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By Michael Schepis → Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Martin Oberhäuser is an award-winning information- and interface designer working and living in Hamburg, Germany.

During and after his graduation from the university of applied science in Würzburg Martin worked for various Advertising- and Design-studios in Frankfurt, Hamburg and San Francisco. Working as a freelance designer since 2006, Martin founded his own design studio in 2011 based in Hamburg.

During his career Martin worked for clients like Adidas, Audi, BMW, Cisco Systems, Deutsche Telekom, Infomotor, MySpace, Nokia, Nordstrom, Samsung and others.

Martin‘s work is inspired by his passion for complex data visualization and information design. He describes his work philosophy like this: "Information is beautiful and life without information is impossible. But it needs someone to filter the mass of information around us and turn it into something read and useable. This is what I do in my work: I create well structured Information design that is easy to use and fun to look at."

His recent work on Series of info graphics for brockhaus (a big encyclopedia publisher from germany). The info graphics visualize several statistics and informations of topics like: the worlds highest mountains and their first ascent, the languages of the world, comets close to the earth, world population, oceans, ecology, media evolution and so on.  

Michael Schepis

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