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In an initiative to Spread the Maglove we have released two magazine templates for free to the public. The magazines both include 28 Pages - Letter size 8.5×11 - Bleeds 5 mm - Automatic page numbering. The fonts used are free and listed in the read me.

At one point I was contemplating creating a sister site to sell Magazine Templates but felt that it was appropriate to release these to our audience for free. I would like to thank our friend Lucas Lacano who designed these templates your work is fabulous.

That said here are the designer magazine templates available for download here as packaged Indesign files. Please also take a look at the previews below and remember to share this post as it's a great resource.

Magazine 1 - Available for Free Download here

Magazine 2 - Available for Free Download here

Spreading the Maglove - Free Indesign Magazine Templates

By Michael Schepis → Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Murmurs of Earth looks at the mission of the Voyager spacecraft which was launched in 1977. When the Voyager launched it had a record on board called the Voyager Golden Record it was meant to portray the diversity of life on earth and the ideas was that it could be found by extra-terrestrial life or future generations of humans. This publication acts is about the contents of that recording.
There are a lot of interesting graphics used throughout the book that all fit the theme very nicely. It is not a very high contract publication. The typography used is nice and simple and it fits the tone of the book very well.

Design: Gisela Beer
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Murmurs of Earth - Book Design

By Michael Schepis →

Living Proof magazine is a publication focused on art and artists. It features photographers and artists of all kinds. The magazine features many full page images of artworks accompanied by either information about the piece or a conversation with the artist.

As well as the wonderful artworks, there are multiple page spreads for the photographers featured. The layout looks great, it really draws your attention to the artwork and photography which is exactly what the publication is about.

The cover is simple and lets the reader know exactly what is on the inside. The typography is mainly simple but there is a touch of more interesting styles involved in some of the photography layouts. It’s a really fantastic looking publication.

Design: [2 one 5] Creative
Location: Philadelphia, USA

Living Proof Art Magazine

By Michael Schepis → Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Big People/ Big Little People is a beautiful publication about milestones and lead figures throughout history in the world of science and technology. It is two different books the first is Little Big People about well-known people who didn’t receive the recognition that they needed and the second is Big Little People about scientists who received the recognition.

Little Big People is designed to be more aesthetically pleasing, it uses a lot of beautiful calligraphy style text and a variety of interesting kinds of papers and images. Big Little People on the other hand is nowhere near as decorative. It is very high contrast using only black and white text and images throughout. 

Design: Jana Papiernikova
Location:  Slovakia

Little Big People - Book Design Layout

By Michael Schepis → Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Asian Geographic is a cultural magazine that looks at a lot of different areas in Asia. It covers science, art, geography and history. The publication was rebranded in 2014, the new design is more sleek and modern looking than its previous editions.

The publication is very image heavy. It ranges from beautiful photographs of landscapes, animals and people to lovely illustrations of wildlife, plants and people as well as wonderful maps. The typography fits very well with the themes of the publication. It isn’t a high contrast design and leans towards lot of natural colour schemes to fit with the general tone of the magazine.

Design: Eng Chun Pang 
Location: Singapore

Asian Geographic Magazine Design

By Michael Schepis →