Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tealer Brand - Newspaper Margarida Borges

This newspaper is one of many applications developed for Tealer, the brand created by Margarida Borges and Julián Muñoz for the second semester of their Master in Graphic Design, Elisava. 

The general concept of this tea brand is being eco-responsible, and is characterized as being urban, young and dynamic. In order to escape the traditional approach to tea, we established a new code, and a new way of thinking a brand, bringing it closer to the consumer and his daily routines and escapes. 

This application is a mean to this end, it was carefully designed for the people to relate to Tealer and its values, through its sections - Interview, to a common person, in order to finding out more about ordinary people; Report, to help launch conscious projects/initiatives; Essay, to explore new and interesting opinions; Poster, for people to interact with it, a living application inside the publication; Flash, a gallery of photos sent by the consumers (Tealer Community, also present in the web application); News, about our brand; Bazar, a eco-friendly trend section; Bookshelf, someone's selection of favorite books. This publication is also thoughtful designed to be easily read, handle and recyclable.

Design: Margarida Borges
Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Size: 28 pages.
Silver Laus 2012.

Monday, October 14, 2013

James Zambra - Tuli & Savu No 67

Design of the poetry magazine Tuli & Savu. The theme of the number is Sound and Silence. The cover of the magazine depicts the cloud resulting from the breaking of the sound barrier by an object, the transition from sound to silence. The magazine alternates between loud colourful pages and quiet minimimalistic ones.

Design: James Zambra
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Turkish Airlines: Skylife Inflight Magazine

The Surgery was commissioned by the publishing house Infomag to rebrand Turkish Airlines' inflight magazine 'Skylife'. We developed a contemporary design style that compliments Turkish values with a modern twist on national heritage. The bilingual format benefits from the use of a diverse grid system, providing layouts that are both clear and dynamic.

Practical navigational elements guide you effortlessly through the publication regardless of your chosen language. Strategy, patterns, typography and illustration along with infographics, photography and iconography have been used to develop the magazine, whilst staying true to their original brand values.

Below is a diverse selection of spreads from the new magazine design.

Design: The Design Sugery
Location: London, United Kingdom