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Our good friend Nick Thackray from the UK has done it again with his amazing eye for detail, sophistication and layout. The recent redesign of Womens Health Magazine has a new found life and injection of design flare. Follow Nick on Twitter @NickThackray

Womens Health Magazine Design - Nick Thackray

By Michael Schepis → Friday, November 21, 2014
In an initiative to Spread the Maglove we have released two magazine templates for free to the public. The magazines both include 28 Pages - Letter size 8.5×11 - Bleeds 5 mm - Automatic page numbering. The fonts used are free and listed in the read me.

At one point I was contemplating creating a sister site to sell Magazine Templates but felt that it was appropriate to release these to our audience for free. I would like to thank our friend Lucas Lacano who designed these templates your work is fabulous.

That said here are the designer magazine templates available for download here as packaged Indesign files. Please also take a look at the previews below and remember to share this post as it's a great resource.

Magazine 1 - Available for Free Download here

Magazine 2 - Available for Free Download here

Spreading the Maglove - Free Indesign Magazine Templates

By Michael Schepis → Tuesday, July 29, 2014